Live: Nokia Developer at MWC 2014

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On Tuesday, February 25th, on the second day of MWC, Nokia is holding a developer day. The main focus is expected to be on the new Nokia X family, but we can also expect to hear about how developers benefit from working with Nokia in general. The event kicks off at 11:00 CET (10:00 GMT). We'll be updating this story with our on-the-scene live coverage as the event takes place. 

12:05 PM on Tuesday, February 25

And that's the end of the Nokia Developer Day keynote.

12:01 PM on Tuesday, February 25

David Prolix from BlackBerry talking about how BBM is coming to Lumia and Nokia X. 50m users were added to BBM in first 90 days on iOS and Android.

BBM user engagement is off the charts. 65% of users make use of BBM everyday.

11:54 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Nokia has invited Lunar Games CEO on stage to talk about their experience with Nokia X Software ("it's great") and why they are excited (volume, ease of development, carrier billing)... or in one word "simplicity".

Lunar Games has better conversion to paid users on Asha than any other platform they operate on and they X to be the same.

11:50 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Yesterday there were 1000 app ports onto the Nokia X Platform.... so what do you need to do? It's basically Android apps, but with three change for APIs - in app payment, location, and notification. Most apps will just work...

Nokia X Analyser on scans app and tells you what's needed.

You can make changes using Nokia X Services SDK (add in for existing SDK). And it keeps one codename (apk) - i.e. you don't need to maintain separate app (project) for Nokia X.

11:45 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Amit Patel comes on stage. He's VP of Developer Relations.

Nokia X = more users for your apps.

Operator billing in the markets where X will be big, including support for In-App Payments.

92% of revenue in emerging markets comes from IAP, with just 8% from up front payments.

11:37 AM on Tuesday, February 25

"X is a historic moment. A bit unexpected... Our strategy is clear and deliberate".

These are great devices. Quality that ties in with our trusted brand.

(We're getting reminded again about on ramps and gateways to Lumia... maybe trying a bit too hard to push that message).

11:31 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Timor Toikkanen - EVP of Mobile Phone - comes on stage to talk mobile phones.

Two platforms - Asha and Nokia X platform - gives access to a very large volume of devices in 2014 and beyond (Nokia is the biggest player in mobile phone - 200+ million last year).

"We are the leading brand in markets for affordable mobile phone and smartphone". (Contrast with battering in Western markets).

11:27 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Announcement: Nokia Developer Exchange Marketplace - a platform to create campaigns and ad slots in the Nokia Store in more than 180 countries.

Working in partnership with Carat Media.

Some real life examples? How about WhatsApp which was one of the pilots.. and drive many many downloads through the Nokia Store.

11:22 AM on Tuesday, February 25

And working to bring fresh content. Example of this is Johan Blake new celeb voice in Adidas miCoach (announced today).

11:21 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Local apps matter - Nokia has 60 individuals around the world helping make global apps local.

Example: Jobless - first for US, then the UK, and now Spain. Tuned for each market.

Working to bring differentiation to each of our platforms.

11:19 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Elop thanks developer for their efforts and introduces Nokia Developer head Bryan Biniak.

"We working hard to driver the performance of your apps in our store".

11:15 AM on Tuesday, February 25

How should developers think about Lumia and X positioning together.

X = fast growing affordable segment, especially emerging economies.

X will be priced below Lumia, and both will be push down over time, with only a little overlap. And X is a "feeder system for Lumia". This works because there are common services and familiar experiences.

"A deliberate strategy to leverage Microsoft services as a common denominator."

Lumia continues to be our primary smartphone strategy.

11:12 AM on Tuesday, February 25

The new Imaging SDK 1.1 goes to Windows 8 too, which means developer will be able to re-use their code from Windows Phone.

11:12 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Lumia Black being talked up. Capture and relive through Nokia Camera, Video Director, Story Teller...

And third party apps can get involved too with Imaging SDK. Examples include Smart Resize and Pikura (who whoops from audience and a round of applause).

11:10 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Lumia - Windows Phone is the "fastest growing ecosystem - 500 apps added to the Windows Phone Store every day".

New apps arriving all the tie time. BBM, Food Panda, Adobe Photoshop Express arriving soon.

11:09 AM on Tuesday, February 25

"We believe the Nokia X will win customer hearts because it has traditional Nokia values". An experience that embraces the familiar Fastlane and Live Tiles. Its going to sell 10s of million of devices.

Thousand of apps will be immediately available, including BBM, Facebook, Line, Skype, Twitter and many more.

11:08 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Elop going through Nokia's four product tires; mobile phone (102 - 1 million sold a week), Asha, Nokia X, and Lumia

Asha examples: 
Avatar app from Team - 10m registered users in Vietnam). 
Qeep from Blue Line Mobile - 20 million registered users

11:04 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Also talking about Lumia - where we do our greatest innovation and have greatest integration with Microsoft.

11:03 AM on Tuesday, February 25

Nokia Developer day getting under way with Stephen Elop talking through the products that was announced yesterday.



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