Perfect Flicker arrives to save the day

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The Flickr story so far on Windows Phone and beyond. Flickr Booth came and went, Flickr Central came and then... got stuck in a login loop for most people and developer doesnt seem interested. In desperation, I even went and did a tutorial for managing your Flickr content via Microsoft Edge. But now we have a brand new UWP Flickr client, it's from an active and reliable developer, and it's called.... Perfect Flicker (sic).

As to why Flickr matters, it's most people's favourite photo archiving and sharing online service, if only because it lets you keep your photos at full resolution and doesn't try and 'adjust' or downsample them for you.

From the Store description for Perfect Flicker:

The best third-party Flickr app designed exclusively for Windows 10 Universal.

Some major features:

  • Put your free 1000GB to work - upload all your photos and videos to your Flickr
  • Engage with friends, family and explore the Flickr community - there are millions of groups and billions of photos out there to discover. 
  • Watch mini thumbnail while browse others.
  • Sign in your Flickr account and manage your photostream, albums, favorites, groups, contacts...
  • Pin profile, albums, groups to startscreen.
  • View, share and post comments to a photo.
  • View camera info, albums and photo tags.
  • Download photo and set background / lockscreen.
  • Browse and join group.
  • Follow / Unfollow people.
  • Upload photos from your camera roll to Flickr automatically.

In use, Perfect Flicker works very well - it's pretty and functional, using the UWP design principles - on the whole (there are some exceptions). And with only a few bugs, panes that you can find yourself in with virtually a blank screen. But 98% there and on the initial release, so well done all round - and did I mention that Perfect Flicker seems to be completely free?

Here's the app in action:

Screenshot, Perfect FlickerScreenshot, Perfect Flicker

A good and pretty start, with fully populated hamburger menu...

Screenshot, Perfect FlickerScreenshot, Perfect Flicker

Phew! All my groups present and correct!

Screenshot, Perfect FlickerScreenshot, Perfect Flicker

A comprehensive Settings pane, from colours to auto-upload to default status...

Screenshot, Perfect FlickerScreenshot, Perfect Flicker

Uploading is easy and quick, though graphically somewhat sparse....

Screenshot, Perfect FlickerScreenshot, Perfect Flicker

But all is well and the photo is there and on Flickr and pretty painlessly. I still haven't worked out how to edit the photo's name and description yet though - anyone?

Not shown here, but you'll be wondering about adding photos to Flickr groups - this is something I do almost daily. When viewing one of your own photos, the '...' menu includes a simple 'Add to group' function and you can then add the image to a single group. Repeat for multiple Flickr groups etc. This could be a little more elegant, but remember, this is only version 1(.1)....(!)

And to prove that Perfect Flickr is a true UWP app, here it is installed and running on Windows 10 on a PC desktop:

PC screenshot

You can grab Perfect Flicker yourself in the Store here.