AAWP Universal app updated, better formatting, better reliability

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AAWP's very own Universal Windows Platform app, 'AAWP Universal', has been updated again, with attention paid to formatting and reliability. In fairness to Joe, the developer, much of this has been driven by past downtime and link errors on AAWP itself, i.e. it wan't the application's fault. So, to go along with the app update, we've done a few improvements to AAWP itself. Hooray!

This is a UWP app and is for any phone upgraded to (or running natively) Windows 10 Mobile. Since the last time we featured 'our' app, way back in March, here's the changelog for v1.6.3:

  • Fixed a few issues with the article parser to improve reliability if data is invalid or incomplete.
  • Updated image comparer with an option to easily zoom to 100% or fit to screen. Works the same as the image viewer - just click the zoom display in the bottom-left corner to toggle.
  • Improved formatting of help page by splitting into easier-to-digest sections.
  • Improved handling of article errors, including slightly better messaging which now has the option to view in browser if there was a problem loading the article.
  • Improved handling of cached articles which might have had issues during last load. These will automatically be refreshed when they're next viewed and won't require a manual refresh.
  • Due to some recent website and article issues, this update will automatically clear your temporary article cache during the first load. This should help tidy up any of these issues that may have been cached on your device.

Sitting alongside changes for AAWP itself:

  • Server code optimised to hopefully prevent crashes.
  • Link errors in our application directories have (again hopefully) all now been fixed.

Here's the new version in action:

Screenshot, AAWP UniversalScreenshot, AAWP Universal

Browsing our articles in top down fashion, as usual, by date; (right) the Help page has received a refresh...

Screenshot, AAWP UniversalScreenshot, AAWP Universal

Looking at the UWP app directory, part of the program listings on the site and in the app itself - bold items link through to review material, plus remember to tap on the category headers to implode the category index!

Screenshot, AAWP UniversalScreenshot, AAWP Universal

When viewing one of the many phone camera interactive comparison pieces, note the small 'full screen' icon, top left of a comparator - tap this to go full screen, i.e. in landscape, and then tap the 100% control to toggle the main two zoom levels.

You can grab or update 'AAWP Universal' from the Store here, it's a free download. Why not add your own rating of 'AAWP Universal' (in the Store) and leave a text review? It all helps discoverability!

Comments welcome for Joe, he'll read and take it all in, we promise!

PS. By the way, aside from Rafe being in the podcasts, virtually all the content for AAWP is now being written by me, as you've probably gathered. I/we'd love to have some more guest articles in 2018, so do please get in touch if there's a topic, device or application that you feel strongly about. You can reach me at slitchfield@gmail.com .

PPS. Yes, we know that there are still one or two minor issues on the site, not least the Captcha on the contact page and the site being HTTP still. Not that it needs to be secure, since there's no login system, but..... We're working on it.

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