Netflix and Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile... lives again!

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A year ago, Netflix stopped working on all Windows-powered phones - the fear was that this was a conscious decision by Netflix to axe streams to specific platforms. In fact, it turns out that something was just 'broken'. And clearly the broken bit affected enough customers on enough legacy platforms that Netflix's engineers tracked down the bug and fixed it - Netflix works again on Windows 10 Mobile!*

* It should also work on Windows Phone 8.1, since Netflix is, after all, an 8.1 Silverlight application. However, because the 8.1 Store is now gone, this is only of interest to people who installed Netflix years ago or who are able to side load applications onto older Lumias.

There's zero information from Netflix on this restoration, but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. Here's screenshot proof of it all working again, here on my Lumia 950 XL:


Netflix all signed in and working just fine, in March 2021! Profiles, content, it's all back!


Although I can't screenshot DRM-ed streaming content(!), you'll have to take my word for it working. Or just try it for yourself if you're a Netflix subscriber?

Pretty cool. Of course, there's no indication of when things might break again in the future. Still, it's a temporary feather in the cap of Windows 10 Mobile in terms of keeping up with the streaming world of 2021!

You can grab Netflix in the Store still, if you need the application.