Pressing pause on the All About sites for a short while...

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Writing on the All About sites is currently paused by the sudden death of my (Steve's) father on 21 December 2021. See below for more, and general site status comments.

With his funeral and entire estate to sort out, please expect fewer articles in January 2022, though I do have a number of items that I still want to publish, particularly with regards to Surface Duo 2 (aka 'Surface Phone'), which I now have back in hand.

So watch this space... just not too impatiently!

The All About Mobile site is secure (https) but has a number of missing features still (recent comments, erratic comment number reporting, FTP access so that I can host article images on the domain, and more...), while AAWP has all the features but isn't secure - it's a little bit of a mess, but Rafe Blandford is still hoping to address some of this over the Christmas break.

Either way, please bear with us in all of this. The All About sites aren't going away, whatever happens, Rafe and I are keen to keep all content online as long as possible.

And do have a great Christmas and New Year yourself, gentle reader.