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Okay this is quite scary. Open up SixPack ("6Pack" in fact, but the Store presumably doesn't like apps starting with a number) and you get a gruff digitised voice welcoming you to the application. That's about as nice as it gets, because this app has one goal. To 'help you strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve their sculpture.' Yes it's a trainer in your pocket. A relentless trainer who'll do his best to get your abs into shape.

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Obviously this is the sort of application that is going to come with a note that you should not undergo any exercise regime without taking medical advice, and that the app (and this review) will not take any responsibility for any damage you might do to your body. Putting that aside, 6Pack takes you through a forty-two day training program of exercises intended to build up strength in your abdominal muscles.

By using various exercises in combination, with different levels of repetition and intensity, you should be able to feel a difference in yourself over the six weeks of the course. The application feels more like a tracker and coach than anything else, letting you know which exercises you'll be doing each day, and to what level.

You can check back to see where you are in the calendar, and what you have to look forward to. No looking up books or paper charts as you get set to do your morning exercises, let the app take care of all of that.

 HardFox SixPack HardFox SixPack

It will also help you during your exercise time. By showing you the exercise in advance, you can get an understanding of what to do, and there are handy reminders on how to do the exercises as you work through the daily routine.

This is where HardFox 6Pack really does become useful. Not only does it let you know what exercises to do each day, once you start your exercise session it will time you, let you know when to lift and raise your limbs, how long to hold them in position for, and when to release the pressure.

You will need to keep the mobile screen in your line of sight to help with this, which is the only issue I have - but assuming you are doing this on a convenient floor in your house, propping up a Windows Phone on a book is just about sufficient.

 HardFox SixPack HardFox SixPack

SixPack is a great application in use. Not only does it set out to solve a specific problem (help people to remember to exercise, and which exercises they should be doing that day), but it looks great while doing it. Okay it doesn't read the theme and spot colour you have selected for your handset, but the white background with red highlights portrays an aggressive approach to a task. It gives the app a consistency and fluidity, and it's perfectly in tune with the Windows Phone Design Language.

This is the best kind of application, it's a personal app on a personal device. While it cannot guarantee a visible result, 6Pack will help you feel better about yourself, it will help you reach your goals, and you never have to admit to anyone else that you can't get through day three's exercise routine without running out of breath.

Assuming your Doctor says it's okay, this is recommended.

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