Review: Nokia CC-3061 Protective Shell Case for Lumia 620


Despite being announced in March 2013, the CC-3061 shell has only just made its way in the last month or so, to online retailers to be made available for sale to the public. Let us delve into this newest of products from Nokia for one of the lower profile heroes from the Lumia range of Windows Phones.

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The Lumia 620 protective shell (CC-3061) comes in an unassuming plastic box that carries on the theming of recent Nokia products with the characteristic blue highlights at the top of the box. This is a nice touch as it lets you know that you have a Nokia product, as that’s what you associate with the blue colour. There is also a sticker on the bottom right of the box telling you that the case is splash-proof and has an IP54 rating (more on this later). 

 Nokia CC-3061

The protective shell comes in a nice grey colour with yellow inserts for the USB port, and the usual assortment of standard Windows Phone keys (volume up/down, power and camera buttons). This conveys a feeling of fun, while also giving off an impression of being rugged at the same time. And as usual, there is the Nokia logo emblazoned in the centre of the case. The case has a rubbery finish to it, and it also appears a bit of a darker tone to the grey than photos show. The inside of the case has a bright yellow finish to it, and there are also black inserts for where the contacts of the Windows keys slot in. There is no dual-tone colouring here as there is on other Lumia 620 shells. Overall, when passers-by view it, it looks like it means business.

Nokia CC-3061

In spite of having such a rugged presence, the feel in hand of the case is quite a bit nicer than what one would expect. The rubber isn’t as rough as its appearance portrays, and fits quite nicely in the hand despite its added bulk (which I would estimate as only a few more grams over the standard Lumia 620 coloured shells). It should be noted that the Windows keys are a bit harder to press due to the rubber nature of the case, but not detrimentally so. The added effort of pressing the keys a bit harder is almost negligible.

 Nokia CC-3061

The CC-3061 is certified IP54, which means that it is good to sustain not only dripping water, spraying water, or splashing water, but also the force of water jets. The case is also dust protected, and shielded for impact absorption. For the price of the case, it is quite a good deal to get such protection for your device, and should give you some peace of mind. I know this case will come quite in handy in winter, as I wouldn’t have to worry about taking out the phone when out and about in the rain.

In contrast to the normal Lumia 620 shells where you have to align the bottom indentations of the case in order to fit the phone into the case properly, the CC-3061 does not need this as the rubber is quite a bit thicker in dimensions than the polycarbonate in the normal 620 shells. And does it hold up to its name? Yes it does. Running the phone quickly under running water proved effortless and quite an easy job to wipe and dab dry the case and Windows keys with a tea-towel. The protection afforded by the case should prove more than enough except for the most demanding conditions. 

Nokia CC-3061

For the price, the CC-3061 can’t be beat. It was a bit unexpected to see Nokia announce this case in the first place, but having it in possession now it makes perfect sense. Nokia has had rugged models in the past such as the 3720 classic, and although the market for rough tough and bump devices may not be as large as some may think, it definitely has a place in the accessory line-up. There has always been a plethora of accessory options for Nokia phone owners, and the protective shell for the Lumia 620 is no different. Why buy a dedicated rugged workman’s phone when you can simply throw on this case onto your existing 620? 


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