Review: CC-3089 Microsoft Cover for Lumia 640


I have to admit that I gulped a little at the price (£20) for this, the official Microsoft 'cover' for the Lumia 640, but I take it all back. When handing it round friends and family, physically melded with the phone, the general reaction was incredibly positive, turning a non-descript budget (in this case, black) Lumia into something of a blue leather object of desire. Really. It's that nice.

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The problem with flip covers, usually, is that they add a lot of bulk, clipping over an existing (usually sealed) phone body, and then adding the thickness of the flip as well. For many people, it's all a little too much, so that you really have to want to have a flip cover to even consider it in the first place.

The Microsoft cover here takes its cues from a handful of designs in the past, mainly for Samsung's Galaxy Note series, in which the back of the flip cover is a whole new back for the phone itself. In other words, there's no extra bulk (in theory) around the back of the device. Moreover, because this case is 100% official, it fits absolutely perfectly. And with the cover replacing (mostly) the only coloured parts of the original phone, this flip cover has the potential to not only provide protection at minimal increase in size, but also to effectively change the colour of your phone and case in one go, whenever you like.

640 Flip cover

Now, I'm not good at telling today's leathers and faux leathers apart, but looking at the price and feeling the quality/texture here, I'd say that this is the real thing, around a plastic screen protector and covered inside with a 'microfibre' lining, helping keep the Lumia 640 screen pristine.

The flip lining also has a slot for a credit card or similar, though this will make the flip thicker, of course, plus I'd be worried about the physical elements of the card that remain showing leaving imprints on the phone screen. Besides, which of us has just one card to carry around? Despite being called a 'wallet case', I'd suggest that the slot remain unused.

640 Flip cover

Of note, and perhaps you can see it in the photos, is that the replacement back is ever so slightly thicker than the original, by about a millimetre. This is mainly so that the material of the leather hinge can be integrated into the back, but it does also mean that thicker plastic (sorry, polycarbonate) can be used, adding extra protection in the event of a drop and, usefully, adding a degree of recess to the camera glass, which is therefore less likely to get scratched.

640 Flip cover

Put it all together though and the Lumia 640 is transformed, and not just in colour. The fit and finish here is supreme and justifies the £20 price in my opinion. There's just a tasteful embossed Microsoft logo that you'd miee if you weren't looking closely.

640 Flip cover

Flip covers are loved or hated, of course, their use is very much subjective. I'm not normally in the 'love' camp, since the flip gets in the way more often than not (e.g. when taking photos), but it's hard to argue with the cover here, given that the 640 won't be used for much imaging and given that there's very little increase in bulk.

640 Flip cover

Highly recommended then, and thanks to Mobile Fun for sending over the review sample, here's their product page in case you have a 640 that needs improving in this way. There are other colours available, so check out their overall product line-up for the Lumia 640 here.

PS. I've also asked for a review sample of the equivalent product for the Lumia 640 XL, by the way, I'll cover that as well when it arrives. No sign of Qi charging coils, but that's a story for another time...

640 Flip cover

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