Two years of progress in the super secret OneLocker UWP

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One of the very first UWP applications for Windows 10 Mobile was the third party encrypted database OneLocker UWP and we featured it here two and a half years ago. Since then it has continued to evolve, but I've been chronically guilty of ignoring its development. That changes now, with a summarised changelog up to the current version for all Windows 10 desktops, hybrids, tablets and yes (to an extent) phones. 


The changelog over two years is extensive, so let's stick to the broad brushstroke improvements, though note that some do require newer APIs than Windows 10 Mobile supports, and so are only available for 'Desktop', so laptops, hybrids, and so on (as per the Fluent Design screenshot above). The Windows 10 Mobile code base is still getting tweaks, but only where things can be backported successfully.

  • New integration with to check the security of saved email accounts
  • New field types (calendar appointments, contacts, notes with Rich Text Format support, Ink canvas, items cross references and more)
  • Added ability to export/import cards and folders with other devices using NFC + Bluetooth
  • New MEGA cloud sync service
  • New navigation history system that is synced across devices
  • Added ability to import/export/sync with KeePass 2.x .kdbx database files (W10 Desktop only)
  • New autotype feature that lets OneLocker fill in forms for you in other applications (W10 Desktop only)
  • Added support for the Windows Timeline (W10 Desktop only)
  • Added ability to unlock the app using a Surface Dial (W10 Desktop only)
  • Added ability to export a database key file, and to use it to have OneLocker auto-login at startup (W10 Desktop only)
  • Complete UI overhaul, new adaptive design and effects (W10 Desktop only)
  • Lots of code improvements, bug fixes, UI adjustments and more

With the sad withdrawal of Enpass from the Windows 10 UWP space, OneLocker UWP is now the only serious contender for managing your secret data under Windows 10 Mobile. 

I was particularly excited by the Keepass 2.x integration, at least for the OneLocker UWP builds for the Desktop. My idea was that I could open up my longstanding and huge (1000s of entries) Keepass 2.x file on my Surface Go and then sync it via a native OneLocker UWP database through to my Windows 10 Mobile phones. 


Some of the many ways to get encrypted data into OneLocker UWP and to back it all up safely in the cloud...

Impressively - at least in theory - OneLocker UWP can open KeePass encrypted databases directly (on the 'Desktop'), eliminating the insecure text export/import steps...

It almost worked too, with OneLocker UWP not liking something about my particular Keepass file - I tried some dummy (much smaller) files and they worked fine, so the jury's still out on all this. And data points from others very welcome - the OneLocker developer has tested with other Keepass files with success.

The full remit of OneLocker hasn't changed much. Quoting from the current Store entry:

OneLocker is a complete, powerful and feature-packed Universal password manager for Windows 10. With multiple field types, Windows Hello, background sync, customizable live tile and jump list, a QR codes scanner and much more for all the flexibility you might need. Do you happen to have lots of passwords for all your accounts and you always end up writing them down somewhere not to forget them? This app is the perfect solution for your problem: you'll no longer have an hard time trying to remember everything as OneLocker will keep all your data safe and available wherever you are. 

Although I get the consumer recognition of 'password manager', this is much more, really. Just as with the various KeePass 'clients', we're talking a full encrypted database, which can be used for any confidential information in almost any textual format.

Anyone can grab and use the trial version of OneLocker UWP, with the following sensible limitations:

  • The database can only contain up to 5 folders, 5 sections and 10 cards
  • Each card can have up to 5 fields, with a total of up to 20 fields in the whole database
  • The CSV export feature is disabled
  • Is it possible to create just one ICE user
  • The static upload/import options for OneDrive and Dropbox are disabled
  • The Templates section is locked, and existing cards can't be saved as templates
  • It's not possible to save/restore a local backup

So if Enpass let you down and if you're frustrated by KeePass clients being a bit half-baked under Windows, then give OneLocker UWP a try in the Store here.