Review: Nokia Lumia 800 - First Look (video)

Although we've got a multi-part, definitive, text review of the Nokia Lumia 800 coming very soon here on All About Windows Phone, we also wanted to give you a quick look at the device via the expert eyes (and fingers) of Rafe Blandford. In this eighteen minute HD video, Rafe gets the unboxing out of the way in seconds and then goes into detail on the Lumia 800's hardware and software, before giving his initial review conclusion.

Author: Nokia

For highest resolution, maximise the video and (optionally) click on the '360p' or '480p' resolution and select '720p'.

"Nokia Lumia 800 - First Look Review" covers:

  1. Unboxing in 90 seconds (00:20)
  2. Tour of hardware, talking about design and materials (01:50)
  3. Comparison with Nokia X7, C3-01, C7, N8, HTC HD2, Samsung Omnia 7 (04:10)
  4. Discussion of hardware omissions and time to market (06:00)
  5. Basics of Windows Phone: Start screen and live tiles, People Hub, Email, Office Hub (08:05)
  6. Nokia Customisations: Nokia Drive, Nokia Music, Nokia App Highlights, Contacts Transfer and more (10:10)
  7. Initial conclusion (15:45)

We'll be revisiting many of these areas in more detail, and looking at those not covered, in future text and video reviews. If you've got any questions, or think there's an area we need to cover, please let us know in the comment thread.

This is a pre-sales review device, there may be some changes in the retail release version of the software, but they are likely to be minor.

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