Review: Taeozi Lumia 950 BV-T5E Battery


Guest reviewer Simon Browne brings us a short write-up of a new Lumia 950 battery replacement. After market batteries have often been of low quality and with disappointing capacity (see my own Kamal Star experience), but this newish Taeozi brand seems trustworthy.

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Simon writes:

Having read the users reviews on Amazon I settled for the Taeozi on this page. It is said to be rated at 3200 mAh and it really does seem to match the capacity standard of a new original.  I’ve had it in daily use since 7 March and it is without doubt the best replacement battery I’ve tried.

Taeozi battery

Oddly, it has a paper sleeve, which makes for a tight fit and the ‘questions’ section on the above page covers the obvious question: should one remove it? The answer is apparently no…

I did start to peel back the cover of the battery but I discovered it was actually self-adhesive plastic and immediately under this is a bright metal casing. At this point I chickened out… The potential for a short circuit if the metal casing is exposed is obvious, so I guess the plastic cover is necessary. I worried that the metal casing would affect wireless charging, although it seems to be charging normally at a leisurely 12% per hour or so (and it manages up to twice that on the cable), so far normal behaviour. 

[Ed: obviously, the phone's back cover coils are external to the battery and pass their charge via separate contacts (besides the battery, in the photo above), but it's worth making sure the back cover is securely clipped on so that the contacts mate up properly - a battery which is half a millimetre thicker (with cover) might possibly encourage a less than perfect contact?]

The battery has its FCC, RoHS and CE markings on its reverse side and, looking on the Internet, they (Taeozi) seem seem to get good reviews all round…

Sorry about the Blutac - it was a surprisingly successful attempt to stop the loudspeaker vibrating and buzzing against the case/cover. I was going to remove all traces of it, but it works too well. It just looks unsightly here!!

It is always difficult to give a definitive answer to the question: How long does the battery last? But my battery app claims I have 22 hours 15 minutes remaining from a full charge.  It is regularly going through a day only dropping to 40-50%.

PS. I must also say thank you and Rafe for continuing to support Windows Phone…  I’ve decided to stick with my 950 for as long as possible and I read every post on AAWP!

Ed: Thanks, Simon. At £13.50, this sounds about the right price for a battery that has had some quality control put behind its production. As ever, readers, stay well away from batteries much below £10. You get what you pay for with Lithium-Ion Polymer technology!

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