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Review: Living with the HTC HD7


As part of the launch period for All About Windows Phone, we've all been invited to write about the long term experiences we've had with the Windows Phone hardware that's now around a year old. 12 months certainly makes for an informed 'long term review', in my case with the monster (size wise) of the original device batch, the 4.3"-screened HTC HD7. Here are my thoughts.

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Review: Nokia Lumia 800 - Part 1 - Hardware


As Nokia's first Windows Phone device, it is no surprise that the Lumia 800 is attracting a great deal of attention. It marks a new chapter for the smartphone pioneer and, while it's not a make or break device, it will set the tone for conversations about Nokia for the rest of the year. So what's the device like? What are its key characteristics? In this first part of our in depth review, we look at the Nokia Lumia 800's hardware and, in detail, consider the story behind the device.

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Review: Nokia Lumia 800 - First Look (video)


Although we've got a multi-part, definitive, text review of the Nokia Lumia 800 coming very soon here on All About Windows Phone, we also wanted to give you a quick look at the device via the expert eyes (and fingers) of Rafe Blandford. In this eighteen minute HD video, Rafe gets the unboxing out of the way in seconds and then goes into detail on the Lumia 800's hardware and software, before giving his initial review conclusion.

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