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Review: XMI X-Mini II Mini Speaker


Smartphone loudspeakers are a mixed bunch, many are good enough while some make us wonder why manufacturers bothered to fit them in the first place. If you like to use your phone as a boombox, external speakers are definitely the way to go. However, some of them are so bulky or elaborate that they rather defeat the object of using a converged device. The XMI X-Mini II mini speakers might just offer a compromise of compactness versus quality and power. Read on for our review and photos.

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Review: Minesweeper (Xbox Live)


Minesweeper is going to be an important Xbox Live title on Windows Phone. Even though it's only been available since mid August, Microsoft's other signature game has been roaring up the download charts like a sapper who's cut the wrong wire. Being free, I suspect the majority of users are going to grab this title on the strength of the price point and discover the gateway drug into Xbox Live achievements and gamer points.

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